This Is Why The Rich Are Getting Richer

Adam Del Duca
8 min readJul 29, 2021

The income inequality gap continues to grow wider every day. The rich are getting richer while the poor become poorer. Although it seems unfair, the truth is that the rich seem to have found a secret, in fact, many secrets that are setting them apart from the rest of us and here are the the strategies they are using to do just that!

Number 1: They Know Their Value

The first reason why the rich are getting richer is that they know their value. Rich people know their value and because of that, they are more confident than the poor are. They believe that they deserve to be rich so they do everything possible to make it happen.

The amount of value you can contribute determines the amount of money you will be paid. However, poor people usually don’t know their value. Some of them may even get angry when they see rich people because they believe they don’t deserve to be that rich. However, money always goes to people who have value. Since the rich know their value, it makes it easy for them to make more money than the poor.

The rich are getting richer not just because they know their value but, they also will not accept anything less than that. They place high value on their time and they undertake more productive activities than the poor do. For instance, rich people will spend their…