The One Skill You Need To Become Rich

Adam Del Duca
9 min readJul 2, 2020

Let me ask you a question, how many ways do you think there are to make money? Most people never ask themselves this question, which is unfortunate because it means they never think about all the opportunities that could make them rich. They simply accept the fact that their existence will consist of going to their 9–5 job each and every day for 40 years in the hopes that they will have the money at age 65 to retire.

To the question, how many ways are there to make money, I’ll tell you that I think there are at least two pretty good answers to this question, although I think one is much better and more helpful than the other.

The first good answer is infinite. There is basically an infinite amount of ways to make money. I’m sure you can think of ways to make money that I can’t and vice versa. Moreover, many of the ways people are now making money didn’t exist 10 years ago. For instance, people are now making millions of dollars investing in cryptocurrencies whereas 10 years ago cryptocurrency was a relatively unknown financial term for most people. And guess what? 10 Years from now, people will be making money in ways that none of us have yet thought of. So that’s one answer to the question of how many ways are there to make money, but there’s another answer, one that I think is better.

The other answer is one. There is only one way to make money.

Can you think of what it is?

While you take a minute, I’ll mention that there are several ways to “get” money without really making or earning it. You could find it, steal it, win it etc. The problem is, none of these are reliable ways of making money and some are immoral at best and illegal at worst.

You might be tempted to say that “hard work” is the only way to make money and in some cases you need to work extremely hard to make money. For instance, working a construction job is hard and laborious work and it does make you money. However, being a greeter at a grocery store is relatively easy work and that too makes you money. Therefore, hard work is not always required to make money. In fact, there are probably just as many ways to make money easily as there are through hard work.

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