The Most Important Money Question No One Asks

Adam Del Duca
8 min readJan 21, 2022

There are certain questions in life that we end up asking ourselves at some point or another like “why doesn’t she like me?” or “I wonder if this food is still good?”. These are both valid questions but they pale in comparison to more important questions, many of which relate to your finances. In fact, there is one question that 99% of people never ask themselves which can literally change their financial life forever and in a minute I will share what that question is and just how powerful it can be!

I hate to admit it but most people are simply asking the wrong questions when it comes to their finances. For instance, people will ask themselves how many Starbucks coffees they need to cut out a month to finally start saving money or how many hours of overtime they need to work this year in order to have a shot at a 2% raise. Little do they realize that neither of these questions will ever move the needle financially even if you are able to answer them properly.

In fact, in my experience, those that get the furthest ahead financially are the ones who ask themselves the tougher, more lofty questions because even if they can’t solve them right away, they put themselves on track for much greater financial success. For instance, asking yourself how you can double your income in the next year and working towards it will take you much further ahead…