9 Sacrifices You Must Make To Be Rich

Adam Del Duca
8 min readMar 25, 2022
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I’d imagine that most people want to have the good things in life. A nice house, beautiful cars, jewelry, fine wine, and most importantly, a never ending inflow of money! However, not everyone has these things, because quite frankly, wishes don’t generate wealth — ideas, proper planning and execution do! There has to be a significant amount of work and discipline for one to attain a status of wealth, unless of course you’re born into a rich home, marry a rich person, or maybe you win the lottery. Other than that, you’ve got to plan your way to being rich, and that plan involves making sacrifices. Here are 9 most rich individuals must make!

There’s a general concept in life of “give and take”, and in this case, what you’re giving to get what you want is what I would like to classify as the sacrifices you have to make to become rich.

Now, making sacrifices is easier said than done. It all starts with being absolutely certain of what you want out of life and making the decision to chase it till the very end. After your decision has been made, you will then have to draw up a plan to guide you accordingly.

In this plan, you have to list out those potential roadblocks that will slow down or put an end to your ambitions. When you’ve listed out these “stop signs”, you have to be prepared to let them go! Let’s take a look at these 9 sacrifices so that you can start your journey to wealth immediately!

Sacrifice #1: A Flashy Lifestyle

Honestly, it’s only rich people that can afford to live a flashy life — an average or poor person can’t. This doesn’t mean an average earning individual cannot go out of their way to buy something really expensive, or eat at a high-class restaurant, because they can. But can you really afford it?

Living above one’s means will not just stop you from being rich, it will actually lead you into debt! Accumulated debts will do a lot of damage to your cause, so you have to do everything possible to avoid drowning in it.

Peer or societal pressure can also lead you towards acting irresponsibly with your money. Just because your high school pal eats at a 5-star restaurant and puts up pictures on Facebook doesn’t mean you should do the same. A person who tries to “keep up with…