7 Ways Your Bank Is Ripping You Off

Adam Del Duca
8 min readApr 6, 2022
Photo by Etienne Martin on Unsplash

You know how banks tell you they have your best financial interests at heart, and how they try to convince you to open accounts with them? Enticing offers and promises can be tempting but not all that glitters is gold, especially as banks are concerned. There are several means through which banks earn money, and many of them are result of taking yours. Here are the seven top ways banks on a financial ride of a lifetime!

Number 1: Savings Account Rates

There are two popular ways by which you can operate a savings account. You could have a traditional savings account, or as the modern-day permits, an on-line savings account. Regardless of the type of savings account you operate; the interest rates are absolutely nothing to write home about. Over the years, savings account rates have nosedived drastically, and keeping your money in these accounts will never amount to anything tangible.

Going by the FDIC’s reports, all you can get in terms of rates via an average U.S savings account is about 0.06%. Shocked? I know I was when I read this statistic but let me explain further. If for instance, you have a savings account with $10,000 in savings, all you would earn in interest in a full year is a measly $6. Yes, just $6!