7 Reasons Working Hard Keeps You Poor

Adam Del Duca
8 min readApr 16, 2021
Credit: Panya8510 — Freepik.com

I hate to say it but working hard may be the worst financial mistake you are presently making! In fact, those who struggle financially usually work harder than the rich but still end up making less money and achieving a lot less financial success. This is because the secret to making more money is not necessarily working harder and here are seven reasons why that’s the case!

Reason #1: Working hard leaves no time to think

The first reason why working hard will keep you poor is that working hard leaves no time to think. Working hard usually results in stress and this is one of the major factors that dampen creativity. It’s also often the reason why you’re unhappy when you come home from work. Stress is a major indicator that you’re drained mentally and emotionally and it’s also a sign that you need to get some rest. Even if you are able to think when you’re stressed, it is often difficult to implement the ideas because your creativity is at its lowest.

Furthermore, working hard usually leads to a loss of concentration and focus. Doing difficult tasks are very demanding and there is a limit to how much stress the body and mind can take. Therefore, when you work too hard, you push yourself beyond the limit and become less creative. For instance, it is often difficult for you to find something you’re looking for when you are stressed. Your mind also works similarly. When you are working too hard, your mind becomes stressed and it becomes difficult for it to process ideas.

Therefore, if you want to increase your productivity and think clearly, you must avoid working hard and work smart instead. Productive people are always looking for means to reduce the amount of work they do by working smart. Most of the innovations in the world today wouldn’t have been possible just by hard work. You think clearly when you are more relaxed that is why it seems the best ideas usually come early in the morning when you are taking a shower. This is because your mind is still relaxed at this stage and performing at its best.

So what should you do if you have no time to think because of hard work? First, reduce the amount of work that you’re doing right now. Next, take some time to analyze your job and look for ways to work smarter. Remember, smarter…

Adam Del Duca