7 Best Ways To Make Money With Real Estate

Adam Del Duca
9 min readJul 27, 2022
Photo by Bailey Anselme on Unsplash

When you think of investing, you probably think of the most talked about cryptocurrencies or the hottest stocks of the day. While these assets have made some people wealthy, neither have been as financially game changing as real estate. What makes real estate such a powerful wealth building tool you may be wondering? Stay tuned because I’m about to break down the 7 best ways to make money with real estate so you can use this incredible asset class in your own wealth building journey!

In the world of investing we live in today, it can be hard to make the decisions that will lead to the most amount of financial progression. For instance, we need to consider factors like our risk tolerance, our investing timeline but perhaps the most difficult decision to make is what types of assets we should invest our money into. Generally speaking, the extent of the advice most people get around investing is to start early and be consistent, however that advice does little to guide you towards putting your money into the assets that will help you prosper the most.

This is why time and again we see investors, often newbies in the investing game, jump on the investing bandwagon by buying into the asset of the day like we saw with the run up of meme stocks and Dogecoin in 2020. While there will always be a few winners in this gambling endeavour, more savvy investors stick to tried and tested assets, one of which is real estate. Over the last two centuries, roughly 90% of millionaires have grown their wealth with the help of real estate and if it’s worked for millions of people over the last two hundred years then chances are it can be of great benefit to you as well in your own wealth building journey.

But, what makes real estate so great you may be wondering? Besides its amazing track record and people’s ongoing need for residential and commercial space, real estate’s hidden benefit comes in its flexibility. Few people truly appreciate just how many ways you can make money with real estate, all of which can help you streamline your path to financial success. As such, let’s now get into the seven best ways to make money with real estate that you can use to reach your financial goals much faster!

Method #1: REITS