5 Investing Principle You Need To Know Now

Adam Del Duca
8 min readJun 23, 2022
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For the average person, the number one chance they have at becoming rich is through investing. When some people think of investing, they think of day traders on the stock market floor making deals continuously for hours on end however this is not how most investors grow their fortunes. In fact, the rich in particular follow specific investing principles that allow them to increase their wealth year over year and in this article, I will share with you 5 investing principles you need to know now if you want to see your wealth rise over time!

When it comes to building wealth, investing is the ultimate means of doing so. It’s been proven time and time again that with consistent investing efforts over numerous decades, anyone can become a millionaire and enjoy financial success in their later years. However, like any long-term endeavor, there are usually challenges along the way. In fact, besides knowing the investing principles that must be followed to ensure their success, the rich also know exactly which mistakes to avoid which is equally as important.

These mistakes can foil the progress of any investor which is why before we get into the 5 investing principles you need to master to be rich, I will first go over a few investing mistakes you must avoid at all costs!

The first mistake is being an emotional investor. If you allow your emotions to affect your investment decisions, you will be guaranteed to struggle in your money making journey. Successful investors have mastered the art of being logical above being emotional. There will be days where you will be tempted to fall victim to your emotions but those days must be very few. Greed and fear must be avoided if you want to achieve your goal of financial independence. You can’t succumb to the temptation of short-term profits but instead must stick to the course of seeking long-term returns.

The second mistake you must avoid is trying to time the market. Market timing is an investment strategy in which you move in and out of a financial market in order to buy low and sell high. It has to do with switching between asset classes by predicting the next turn of events through the use of economic data or technical indicators. Many investors believe that they can make a lot of money timing the market and they’re right, however, it’s…

Adam Del Duca