4 Mindsets That Will Boost Your Income

Adam Del Duca
8 min readApr 22, 2021

Developing a mindset that helps you acquire the basic necessities of life is not enough. This is because every single day it gets more expensive to live and if your income isn’t rising then you’re simply falling behind. As such, here are four mindsets I believe you need if you want to start seeing that money come rolling in!

Mindset #1: You can’t earn money working all the time

A 9–5 job will likely only ever be able to support your basic living needs. The sad truth is that it generally can’t help you grow your wealth. A job is for people on survival mode, but if you want to go one better and thrive, you need to change your mindset. Working a 9–5 will drain you mentally, leaving you little to no time to invest in higher-pay work such as freelancing or starting a business.

Most people have dreams and ideas of starting and running their business and having the prestigious tag of “boss.” However, something always prevents people from executing the plan — most of the time, it’s capital that’s the problem. People never feel really ready to leave their jobs for an uncertain endeavor such as starting a business or beginning life as entrepreneurs. You would probably like to bide your time and save up as much as possible. However, the truth is that there is never the right time to start your own business.

Having this mindset means you have to do away with the fear of risk and shame. As I have said a couple times, many people are successful today because they did not give up but tried one more time. Shame is the one thing you must give up to be wealthy and successful! The reality is, to become wealthy, you have to provide a product or service that is not common. To do this, you have to take risks and put yourself out there.

For example, Bill Gates had to drop out of Harvard University to begin Microsoft. He was learning about technology, but if he didn’t change his mindset, he would have ended up with a 9–5 job. Bill developed the right mindset and became a partner in a company, and well, you know the rest.

Among the other disadvantages of the 9–5 mindset, it makes you too comfortable to try things and take risks. You keep telling yourself that you have an income, can pay the bills, and still have a little…