#1 Thing Holding You Back Financially

Adam Del Duca
9 min readAug 11, 2022

Take a second right now and ask yourself if where you are in life is where you want to be. If the answer is yes then give yourself a pat on the back because you are one of the very few who can answer yes to this profound question. For most of us, myself included, where we want to be is still far down the road. Maybe we have yet to hit our fitness goals, maybe you have yet to find our life partner and in many cases, we are far from meeting any of our financial goals. While I don’t have a meal plan to sell you or the ability to play Hitch, I can help you meet your money goals and I will do so by sharing with you the number one thing holding you back financially!

Ask the average person why they are struggling financially and most will look at you like you just asked them to solve a complex physics problem. While this response may seem far-fetched to you as someone with a decent grasp on your financial situation, many people haven’t a clue why they continue to see their bank accounts dwindle month after month. However, if you ask someone who has at least a pinch of financial prowess, they typically tie their financial struggles to one of three issues with the first being their inability to save.

The importance of saving money is perhaps the most common piece of financial advice that is dolled out today. I know growing up, my parents used to always tell me that “a dollar saved, is two dollars earned” and while my parents definitely left out a lot of the financial advice I needed to get where I’m at today, I would still consider myself fortunate for having been bestowed upon me this important financial habit.

The problem is, while some people grow up with an understanding of the importance of saving, many people don’t. It’s kind of like how most of us were properly taught that the Earth is round yet there will always be that small group of people that insists that the world is flat. Simply put, common knowledge isn’t as common as you’d think and this is why we see people continue to struggle to save every single day. Now, the cause of their ability to save can vary. For some, they use spending to cope with the stresses in their life and for others, they can’t make change for a quarter and as a result find it hard to gauge if their spending has exceeded what they bring home in pay. Regardless of the reason why many…