#1 Reason You’re Falling Behind Financially

Adam Del Duca
9 min readJan 9, 2022
Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash

Aside from our family, health and time, money is the most important resource in our lives. It’s for this reason that the majority of us trade copious amounts of our lives for a paycheck hoping that one day, way off into the future, we can stash enough money to enjoy a few years of leisure.

Now, while I hate to bring this harsh reality to the forefront, the fact of the matter is that most people will have to work for the next 40 or more years but many less will ever be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Why is this? Because they’re already falling behind and if you suspect you may be one of those people then let me share with you what I believe is the most critical difference between living a life of financial despair and one that will have you reaching all of your wildest money goals!

The Current State of Finances

This is probably not going to surprise you but most people struggle with money on a day to day basis. Now, unless you were raised with a silver spoon, then you yourself have probably faced some financial challenges in your life to date. In fact, if I were to pinpoint the three biggest financial hurdles most people face these days, the first would definitely have to be low wages.

I think we’ve all gone through that period of time in our lives where we are just finishing school and are excited to see what our careers have in store. We can’t wait to start putting our degrees to work but more importantly, we can’t wait to finally start cashing some adult sized checks. However, if you had a situation similar to mine then those paychecks you received as you started your career were not exactly worth writing home about. I know for myself personally, my expectations were rather high given that I had completed a diploma and two degrees before stepping foot in the workforce. As you can imagine, it was pretty crushing to see my peers making as much if not more than I was with only a fraction of the education.

Well, the harsh truth is that as an employee, your company really doesn’t have much incentive to help propel you towards your financial goals by paying you more money. Now, I’m not saying that your company is bad or evil, it’s just that every extra dollar they pay you, they can’t keep for themselves and if you haven’t…